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Welcome to Prospero Software

Our Consulting services

Practical, smart, no-hype advice: We bring our experience to bear on your systems development issues on IBM ISeries (AS/400, AS400) and other platforms. We help you understand the value-for-money impact of your decisions. We fully understand cooperative processing based on Internet protocols. Unbiased, informed opinions from people who emphasise simple, practical solutions that deliver real value to your business.

Our Java software

PSPNum and PSPDec classes: Specialised decimal numeric classes, suitable for both client-side and server-side development. Our leading-edge components.

PSP Utilities: Our collection of useful Java utility classes. All tried and tested - in regular use in our own live Web sites.

Our ISeries software

PSPSOCK Sockets Framework: Our software framework allows you to easily develop ISeries services that support communication from client systems using TCP/IP sockets.

PSPUTIL Utilities: Our collection of useful utilities to help you develop and maintain your AS400 applications.

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IBM has rebranded the AS/400 several times. Many names - i5/OS, System i, ISeries, AS/400, AS400 - refer to exactly the same system.