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PSPSOCK TCP/IP Sockets Framework - Business Summary

Sockets overview   Our Sockets overview for IT Managers provides a brief overview of TCP/IP sockets on IBM ISeries (AS/400, AS400, i5/OS).
Develop sockets applications   PSPSOCK helps you build your own ISeries services based on TCP/IP sockets. Each service comprises a few ISeries server programs. You create the programs by binding in core sockets modules we provide. We provide demonstration code and detailed documentation that shows you how to do this.
Pricing   US$ 5,000 for full system - on any model ISeries (single CPU license). Multiple site (CPU) license terms available. There is no annual maintenance charge. Source code in a library called PSPSSRC is available to licensed users - subject to reasonable usage restrictions.
Free trial   We offer a free 30-day trial of PSPSOCK. To request a trial, please contact us.
Software delivery   You receive a library called PSPSOCK, which is less than 10MB in size when restored to your ISeries. We deliver the software to you direct over the Internet. See our installation instructions.

PSPSOCK TCP/IP Sockets Framework - Technical Overview

Programming languages   The PSPSOCK modules are developed in several ILE languages - in particular ILE/C for low-level sockets communications. These modules are provided in binding directories (*BNDDIR objects).The application programs you write bind in these modules. The procedures in our documentation show you how to do this. At least one ILE program per service is required. The ILE module you write may be in any ILE language. Our example code is in ILE/RPG. This ILE program may call traditional OPM or other ILE programs written in any language.
Demonstration services   PSPSOCK allows 99,999 services to be defined. We provide two simple demonstration services. The first is an 'echo server' that just returns the data it receives. The second is a 'currency description lookup server' e.g. if you send it the value USD then it returns United States Dollar. We provide complete ILE/RPG client and server code for these two services. You can also see Java client code for the two demonstration services here and here.
Service management   PSPSOCK includes a display function that shows all services and logged messages for the services. You can edit the services or create new ones. Each service has around 15 variables - most of which we provide sensible defaults for. All variables are explained in PSPSOCK documentation. Other PSPSOCK commands allow you to start/stop/test services from your own CL programs.
Service audit   Every service has built-in versioning. In other words whenever you change a PSPSOCK service record, a new record for that service is created and the old version is retained. You can scroll though these version records to see how the service definition has changed over time. Every record has standard audit fields - timestamp and user profile name.
Service logging   You can set the logging level for each service e.g. raise the logging level to see more detailed messages for a service when it runs. All logged messages are externally defined in the PUSRMSG message file.
Documentation   Please look at our PSPSOCK User Guide.

IBM rebranded the AS/400 several times. Many names - i5/OS, ISeries, AS/400, AS400 - refer to exactly the same system.